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Drink Club

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Check below for a NEW RULE, to make
Drink Club more affordable to those on
poverty wages... or with smaller stomachs!

DRINK CLUB is a weekly social gathering of drinkers from around the world. 
No membership fee, just the joy of getting soused. 

NOW we've got a guestbook. Add your comments! See what others have to say. It's right here!


Don't forget: if you lose the details on your way, you can always get recorded information from
THE DRINK CLUB LINE at 1-212-674-7018 (#1). (Put the number in your cell phone!)

Also, LOOK AROUND IF YOU DON'T SEE US! Sometimes restaurants have back rooms that are
hard to spot. AND ASK, we'll usually tell a server that we're DRINK CLUB if anyone asks! In any case,

you'll see the drink club sign on one or another table. (That's the logo at the top of this page.)

Drink club is in no way affiliated with the ibec Language Institute. It is an open organization. Anyone not

horrible can attend. That means no one currently affiliated with SONY, CompUSA or the

Morgan Post Office facility is allowed.


Oh yeah, someone asked about THE RULES. So I've started a list. 

1. Tell everyone you know about DRINK CLUB.

2. Tell everyone you know about DRINK CLUB

3. Never eat before DRINK CLUB.

4. If it's your first night, you HAVE TO drink. (But not alcohol, if,
for some weird reason, you don't drink it.)

5. You can (and should) bring friends and strangers to DRINK CLUB.

6. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE! Don't forget to leave money for tax and tip!!
This is NEW YORK. We tip 20% or AT LEAST twice the tax. Servers live
from their tips. Giving 10% or less is STEALING! I don't like the system
any more than you do, but that's the system.

6a: NEW RULE: We understand that people suffer from a common
New York disease called POVERTY!! And, if you drink or eat less
than others, you should pay less! So, NOW! Feel free to OPT OUT
of sharing. Just ask the waiter for a separate check and join in
the fun, but not in the bill!!!

7. On the DRINK CLUB closest to your birthday, you have one drink free.

8. If you can't find us TEXT Mykel at 646-379-4490.

9. Make sure you check EVERYWHERE. We're not always easy to find.
We may be in a back room-- or outside!

10. ASK FOR DRINK CLUB if you can't find us. We'll usually tell the
bartender or Maitre d' or some drunk lying on the floor near the entrance.

11. Try to come EARLY-- or at least on time. That way we can score a
table, and the on-time folks won't feel so lonely


12. FEMALES are encouraged to join us. We don't bite.
This is NOT a boy's club!

Last Week!
(click on the picture for more Drink Club 2015 pix)

Drink Club at Camarades
Great bar! Where is everybody? All our uptowners? Maybe
Spanish Harlem even makes the Harlemites squeamish! Too
bad, it was a great place... and we got to meet Judy!

Here are some more pictures from Saburi Drink Club. Just click on the picture below to
go to the album:




You can see pix from the year's wildest night by clicking
on the link below:




Last Week
Ai Birthday / Take Farewell

Click on the image for great 
pictures from the Take's fare-
well / Ai's Birthday Drink

(click here for more Drink Club 2015 pix)  

You can see pictures from Mykel's
on the image below.
Mykel's 65th at Peculier

You can see pix of the Kenny/Ai birthday
orgy by clicking on the box below:
Ai & Kenny's Birthday Drink Club 2014

The next Drink Club...


Oct 15 at 9:31 pm


White Oak Tavern

21 Waverly Pl @ Greene St.
(212) 260-2604

#N,Q,R to 8 St.

                         NYU LAND!!!  

 Storefront of WHITE OAK TAVERN




Here's a map (click on it for more details):

Map to the White Oak Tavern


NOTE: In November and the beginning of December,
Drink Club will move to
Wednesdays every week
THE BLACK SHEEP, 583 3rd Ave, near Grand
starting earlier 8:33pm!  No announcements,
just show up!


You can get Yelp REVIEWS of next week's 
drink club location-- along with a bunch
of other information about the bar by
 clicking on Mykel's picture below.





 Click                                                          here for the                                                          Yelp Review  REVIEW        



  And don't forget EAT CLUB...

a new restaurant every month.

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